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Axence nVision DataGuard i SmartTime

DataGuard and SmartTime are nVision system modules that will allow you to protect corporate data against leakage, protect the network from viruses, keep track of users activity and identify non-productive pages that consume employees time at work.

DataGuard module

Axence nVision’s DataGuard module increases the level of security by defining security policies for data carriers connected to personal computers as Thumbdrives, USB drives etc.

It protects users in the organization against data leakage or infection, as well as against unauthorized transfer of corporate information on external media.

DataGuard protects USB ports against unauthorized and potentially infected devices. In this way, we protect personal computers against malicious software such as Spyware or Ransomware, which exposes the organization to financial and image losses.


Selected functions of the DataGuard module:

  • Automatically give users a default security policy.
  • Alerts about connected unauthorized device.
  • Defining data transfer policies with user rights.
  • History of connected mobile devices and operations.
  • Management of access rights for computers and users.
  • Integration with Active Directory.
  • Setting rules for the entire network, groups and individual users.
  • List of all devices connected to computers on the network.

SmartTime module

The Smart Time module allows you to measure user activity and effectively manage working time. The module allows you to create groups of users in order to grant them certain access.

Selected functions of SmartTime module:

  • Creating a list of applications used by employees and give them certain status, such as: productive / neutral / unproductive.
  • Insight into the activity indicators of all employees.
  • View applications used by any employee at any time.
  • Grouping applications and websites as productive or unproductive.
  • Preview of the most used applications or non-productive web pages in the selected time period.
  • Defining productivity thresholds and alerts about exceeding the thresholds.
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