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Dedicated E-mail system

As part of our soulution, we not only implement an efficiently functioning dedicated e-mail system, but also adapt it to the style of work in your company. Thanks to this, your business gains a tool that makes work better organized, faster and „smarter”.

What email services do we provide?

The e-mail solution we offer is based on open source software, so it can be easily modified do individual requirements. As part of the service, we adjust the configuration of the e-mail system to the client expectations, making sure that this solutions suits best to the reqirements and demands of a given company.

By entrusting the implementation of e-mail services to our company, you receive:

  • Stable solution with high efficiency and speed of operation.
  • Dedicated e-mail system with no account limitations.
  • Ability to use a remote calendar in various configurations (company calendar, personal calendar).
  • Limited amount of spam.
  • Archive messages and restore deleted messages.

Exchanege Mail

Microsoft Exchange Mail is part of the Microsoft 365 Platform. It is an excellent solution that provides anti-virus protection and antispam filter. The flexibility of e-mail guarantees synchronization with any mobile device and convenient access to e-mail also via a web browser.

Mail for Exchange provides:

  • 50 GB mailbox capacity.
  • Synchronization of e-mail with various devices such as phone, tablet and computer.
  • Additional functions, calendar, notes, tasks, contacts.
  • Easy customization of e-mail to individual needs in the MS Outlook application.

How dedicated e-mail system can improve your business?

The implementation of a dedicated e-mail solution allows you to relieve the mail server and protects against unwanted messages – not only spam, but also e-mails containing viruses or other threats.

Blocking unwanted correspondence and the ability to set filters allows you to easily prioritize the most important messages from the company’s point of view. In addition, e-mail services reduce the risk of possible failures, and also protect the company in the event of more serious faults – thanks to the message
recovery option, important data or the correspondence crucial for communication with the client can be easily restored.

Do you have more questions about e-mail systems? Contact us!