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Service Desk

Our Service Desk is the support of experienced specialists who will help your company employees in solving various technical problems, both minor and advanced. Our support agents will ensure the continuity of your company operations and protect against losses – both financial and image-related.

Nomino Service Desk

Service Desk
We have high competences in the field of incident management, we try not only to solve current problems, but also to prevent their occurrence in the future.
Service Desk
We offer service inspections of devices (including peripheral - scanners, printers, mobile equipment). We deal with configuration of devices and administration of IT infrastructure.
Service Desk
We help in the case of typical failures as well as more problematic and complex incidents.
Service Desk
The Nomino team consists of 3 user support lines, thanks to which we are able to flexibly transfer orders to the appropriate team, depending on how advance problem is.
Service Desk
We manage user access to network locations and also the physical access system through employee access cards.

What do we do as part of the Service Desk?

We offer hardware service, drivers and software updates. We provide technical support in the field of personal computers, laptops, phones, tablets, workstations, printers, we also help with problems related to network infrastructure.

We repair failures of devices, servers and applications, we reinstall computer systems, we monitor and implement other activities, thanks to which the company’s facilities can function efficiently and without failure.

We also advise companies on the selection, purchase and management of equipment. We individually select hardware platforms, components and peripheral devices, and we will conduct consultations in the field of IT systems integration. We provide installation and configuration of peripheral devices as well as assistance in the organization and configuration of the workplace. We prepare reports on the activities carried out.

We handle incidents through a remote support line, reports to our specialists can be sent both by e-mail and by phone, solving the problem in accordance with the individually set SLA level. In the event of a sudden failure of servers, internet or electricity networks, we respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Benefits from Nomino Service Desk

Technical support of our specialists means numerous benefits for your company, such as:

  •  Security and continuity of IT care.
  •  Comprehensive IT service thanks to a team consisting of experts various fields.
  • Quick service response and easy contact with our specialists.
  • Access to the latest solutions in the field of IT and network security.
  • No need to involve the IT department in service activities, and thus – the ability to use the time and potential of employees in a different way, more important for the company’s development.
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