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GLPI – Professional ITSM system

In today enterprise, the amount of hardware resources is constantly incresing. Companies struggle to inventory and organize growing number of IT resources and software. Managing large number of different IT resources is often challenging for administrators.

In addition, the efficient management of an increasing number of notifications, business processes, and services in the enterprise is crucial for business owners. We are presenting solution that will allow you to connect important spheres of IT activities in one system.

What is GLPI ?

GLPI is a service management system based on Open Source license, that allows to manage assets and tickets effectively.
System consist of from modules that enable centralization of key business processes including Service Desk, project management, change management, incident and requests tickets creation, problem management, SLA level management, software license inventory and knowledge base creation.
GLPI has more then 200 available plugins that add new, or enhance existing functions of the system, allowing to tailor it to individual requirements of your business
GLPI system allow you to manage and inventory budget , contracts, services, creating custom forms. You can gather information about hardware guarantees, software licenses and certificates. It is professional asset management system where you can inventory, PC, servers, network equipment, printers, monitors, phones, toners and all other company resources.

Why choose GLPI?

It is one system that combine various modules and functions in clear way for ease of use. Due to the centralization and inventory of assets, it allows you to track the life cycle of IT equipment, in order to fully utilize computer hardware and software, that are the backbone of the organization.

Additional module of GLPI system, enable automatic hardware and software inventory. It acts as a gateway that is collecting information sent by agents installed on the user’s computer, server or any SNMP device. Agent create and update information in GLPI with minimal effort on the part of the administrator.

It is a cross-platform service that helps system administrators to keep track of the hardware and software configuration of devices. It allows you to manage a wide range of tasks such as local inventory, software deployment or network discovery.

GLPI organizes all tickets in company, informing about SLA levels, priorities, assigned agent, location and equipment linked to the ticket, making it easier to manage the IT department.

Effective knowledge and information management in organization is ensured by an integral knowledge base for keeping procedures, work standards, policies, hardware and implementation documents, or training materials in one place.

The API interface allows GLPI to be integrated with external systems, thanks to which, GLPI can exchange information with other systems already used in the company, such as ERP, CRM systems, backup or monitoring tools.

GLPI is a flexible system that can be modified and change as company grow or expand, with plugins.


Benefits of implementing the GLPI system by Nomino:

Our team specializes in implementing the GLPI system in organizations of every size and structure. We operate according to ITIL 4 certificate standard, which allows us to identify the most optimal solutions, dedicated individually to each business.

Nomino team will adapt the system to the regulations, policies and requirements of the company and, if needed, We will provide support after the system is implemented for the organization.

In addition, if the client company does not have an IT Service Desk or IT department, as Nomino, we offer support services in the field of ticket management, including incidents, requests and problems. We operate according to the best IT service management practices. Nomino is responsible for ensuring that all requests are verified in accordance with the agreed SLA service level.

Selected functions of GLPI system

Ticket status change notification

Comments and questions on ticket flow

Assigning tasks and tickets to other users or groups

Priority based on urgency and impact

Tickets categories

Establishing SLA levels

Assets relations with tickets and users

Administration and financial records

Software lincence inventory

Auto-inventory of IT equipment

Resources reservations

Project tasks

Cost and budget allocation

Connecting documents to projects

Determine project team and project manager

Approval management and history

Task planning

Cost allocation


User permissions management

Creating user and group profiles for assigning certain access

Creating custom forms for access request

Access cards inventory

Categories and priorities for problems

Followup on incidents

Problem-incident relations

Including solutions in Knowledge Base

Centralization of company knowledge

Author determine access for created documentation

Incidents and problems solutions can be included to Knowledge Base

Categories for created folders
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    Hours of support


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    Which resources would you like to inventory
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    Control Panel


    The system includes the basic modules: Resources,Support, Management, Tools and Administration.

    Ticket queue


    In the Support module, we gain access to the entire queue of requests. They can be freely filtered with the help of selected rules. You can also create your own "Dashboards" for the convenience of use and the individual needs of the administrator or user.


    GLPI is a one system for hardware and ticket management. It provides efficiency and ease of use for managers, administrators, consultants and employees in the company, minimizing the necesity to log into multiple systems.

    Organizing assets


    Assets relations


    Establishing the relationship between requests, equipment and users allows you to determine where, what devices are located, what is connected to it, what programs and licenses are used, who is responsible for them, and provides an insight into the history of requests and issues related to with the device.



    For each resource, we can define the name, location, assign a person or group responsible for the device, source, status, type, manufacturer, model, serial number and inventory. We can also identify individual device components such as: operating systems, software installed on the device, network connections, hardware reservations, certificates, history and associated budgets, contracts, invoices, warranties and notifications.



    The insight into the queue of applications provides full knowledge of all matters in the company and allows you to prioritize them. Thanks to the record of internal and external notifications, the system works well not only in IT departments, but also in other areas of activity, such as sales, customer service or marketing.

    Server configuration view

    The Resources module allows, among other things, to add devices installed in RACK cabinets,it provides full knowledge about the hardware located in the cabinets and its configuration without the need to visit the server room.

    Do you have qustions about GLPI system? Would you like to implement system for your Business? Contact us!