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Active Directory

The Active Directory catalog service provide Windows system administrators with ability to manage the complete set of users on the network. This powerful tool facilitates the work of network administrators with hundreds or even thousands of users and computers

What is AD?

Active Directory uses the application layer protocol LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), which is used in directory services, i.e. hierarchical databases with any number of objects.

A database can contain information about users, user groups, computers, network resources, printers, applications, databases, and other objects.

Due to the fact that all these elements are in one group (domain), you can effectively manage all objects, give users and groups certain access, rules and permissions, or configure the computers they work on.

AD is perfect for smaller as well as large organizations, where a large number of users and computers can be divided into certain domains and managed effectively.


Benefits of implementing Active Directory:

  • AD improve work of users and administrators thanks to Group Policies that allow you to configure profiles of users and groups, workstations, and automate access to selected network resources.
  • It reduces the time needed to administer the infrastructure, by automating many processes such as user account management, e-mail box configuration patterns, or network locations access.
  • Increases the security of confidential user data thanks to file encryption (EFS)
  • Quick integration with other Microsoft modules such as: MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Hyper-V
  • Integration with other systems such as M365, ITSM, ITAM, CRM and ERP. z innymi systemami jak: ITSM, ITAM, CRM oraz ERP.
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