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Comarch ERP Optima

The Comarch ERP Optima program is dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises in every industry. It supports various areas of the company’s activity thanks to integrated modules that work in the same database. Thanks to this, the Comarch ERP Optima system allows for comprehensive data analysis, which in turn allows you to observe all processes and trends taking place in the company.


Support for basic processes with Comarch ERP Optima

The system completley supports all business processes. Separate modules are responsible for each functionality, thanks to which the program is transparent and flexible. The customer decides which modules, and functionalities, wants to use. All modules work together harmoniously thanks to a single database. The positive value of this solution is the fact that when the customer wants to implement additional functions, it can be expanded at any time.


How to use Comarch ERP Optima?

The system is available in two versions: stationary and service. The first is to install the program on your own computer hardware, while the second is to install it in Comarch’s infrastructure, to which customers log in via the Internet.

Comarch ERP Optima available in the cloud is currently the most popular application use model, which reduces the costs associated with investments in IT infrastructure and thanks to the ability to work from anywhere.


Implementation of the ERP Optima system

Each company has its own internal process, even companies operating in the same industry have different needs and procedures, so before implementation we will make sure what functionalities are needed in the company and whether the system will be implemented in the company’s infrastructure or as a cloud service.

Due to the fact that each organization needs different functionalities, some implementations are quick and uncomplicated, and in the case of many modules, they require more resources. We will prepare an individual system implementation plan for the company and divide them into stages so that the entire implementation process is smooth and non-invasive.

Modules and selected functions of Comarch ERP Optima:

Accepting any form of payment

Keeping an unlimited number of bank accounts and cash registers

Accounting in multiple currencies

Automatic creation of exchange rate differences when settling documents in other currencies

Settlement of foreign and domestic business trips

Running a currency warehouse

Creating a register of contractors and services

Issue of sales and purchase invoices, execution of transactions in PLN and foreign currencies

Sales fictionalization for individual clients

Creation of correction documents (corrections: value / price, quantity, data, VAT, collective or discount or exchange rate)

Support for transactions in PLN and foreign currencies

Sale / purchase with various forms of payment (cash, transfer, compensation)

Freely defining the appearance of invoices and other warehouse documents

Issuing all possible documents in the warehouse

Running an unlimited number of warehouses

Cooperation with cash registers and fiscal printers, data collectors, payment terminals, code readers and label printers

Any definition of the warehouse settlement method (FIFO, LIFO, AVCO)

Verification of contractors in the KRD

Integration and shipment of goods by couriers, e.g. DHL, Poczta Polska, DPD, Sendit

Entering documents into VAT registers, posting and keeping additional records

Creating entries in the book of revenues and expenses

Keeping flat-rate records

Records of remuneration

Accounting for vehicle mileage

Preparation of tax declarations

VAT settlement both on general terms and with the cash method

Calculating income tax

Creation of the company accounting periods

Creating a statement of balances and turnover for any periods and periodic postings

Automatic booking of documents and declarations using accounting schemes

Creation of an opening balance based on the balances of the previous year's accounts

Accounting for VAT both on general terms and with the cash method

Automatic settlement of bank transfers upon import

Posting of documents directly from other modules of Comarch ERP Optima

Employee's electronic briefcase (E-Folder)

Employee records with the option of recording the course of employment

Settlement of payments with regard to working and absenteeism, working time, allowances and piecework

Import and export via a spreadsheet

Preparation of a subordinate structure

Importing HR data of employees from the Płatnik program

Settling e-sick leave

Create tasks that can be transferred to employees

Registering contacts with customers

The possibility of creating commercial offers

Ability to generate recurring invoices

Company mail box service

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