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Network security

Continuous improvement of the IT security level became necessity due to constantly changing threats and attacks from internet. Compromising data can expose business to significant losses or paralyze of the business process. To prevent legal and branding image problems caused by hackers and virus attacks, we offer services that ensure data protection against unauthorized access.

Nomino service

IT monitoring
We offer a complex network monitoring service, and implementation of an IT monitoring system for maximum security.
Firewall management
Network traffic control, security policy management and device management will guarantee company data safety.
Antivirus software
We manage and implement high quality antivirus software for maximum end users security in office and working remotely.

Benefits of our security services

A large amount of confidential information, financial data, customer data, proprietary solutions, procedures or software, exposes modern organizations to constant attempts to break safety systems and network security.

Security services, provided by our specialist, increase the safety of the company network and reduce potential data leakage to a minimum, by using the latest technological solutions.

We are offering conducting a security audit, that will reveal flaws of security in IT environment, indicate additional safety options and adjust security systems to the existing threats.


UTM - Multi-functional firewall

Our team specializes in supporting UTM (Unified Threat Management) hardware firewall. It is a complete edge protection system that guard users from attacks in real time with the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) module.

A firewall blocks malicious and infected websites, which are one of the most common sources of hacker attacks.

UTM devices allow you to control and block employee access to selected applications and programs that limit employees productivity.

Modern threats can deceive traditional anti-viruses. UTM devices with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning allow to respond to zero-day threats and save time for IT administrators.


Invest in security!

Information security is crucial for both, the company daily work and for shaping the company development strategy. More and more customers and contractors are demanding the integrity and security of their data. Organizations of all sizes and structures want to more effectively protect valuable corporate resources.

Investing in effective and proven security solutions, ensures an immediate return on investment by guarantee that your data is protected in the best possible way.


We `also provide

Bezpieczeństwo IT
Axance nVision is professional software that protects USB ports against unauthorized and potentially infected media. In this way, we protect personal computers against malicious software such as Spyware or Ransomware, which exposes the organization to financial losses, or unauthorized transfer of company data.
Bezpieczeństwo IT
Benefits from employees who are more aware of the risks posed by people operating on the network are massive, both when it comes to criminals and unfair competition. Thanks to the training, your employees will know the safety rules and how to operate computer equipment in order to avoid data leakage, or how to recognize various threats and how to react to them.
Bezpieczeństwo IT
We implement specialized system for analysis, recording and settlement of working time. The system ensures that access restrictions, to designated areas, are set for employees with personal entry cards.
Bezpieczeństwo IT
We are supporting video monitoring systems by management and control of recording devices.
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