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Network management

Computer network is the basic element of IT infrastructure. Disruptions in its operation can have serious consequences, such as the interruption of key business processes or loss of network security. The LAN / WAN / WLAN / VPN network management and monitoring service we offer is a guarantee of the proper, efficient and safe functioning of the organization.

Managment service we provide

Comarch BI
Design architecture and management of a computer network, we provide support in the construction and optimization of network infrastructure.
Comarch BI
Administering wired and wireless routers and active infrastructure devices such as network switches.
Comarch BI
We manage and operate UTM firewall devices.
Comarch BI
We offer support in the construction and administration of Wi-Fi and Radio-line wireless networks in the organization. We deal with the management and support of the solution after its implemented.
Comarch BI
We offer support for large computer networks between many company locations. We ensure durable and efficient functioning of the network infrastructure in each branch.
Comarch BI
We provide advice on the selection, management and full monitoring of emergency power devices. We also install, service and configure UPS devices.
Comarch BI
Nomino offers implementations of VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions. We also provide post-implementation support and the creation of Point-to-Point tunnels.

Why should you use our network management service?

Correctly selected and administered network architecture benefits in the form of:
  • Reducing the risk of potential failures.
  • Optimization of costs related to the maintenance or expansion of network infrastructure.
  • Providing secure access to network resources, also for remote and mobile employees.
  • Easier network adaptation to changing business conditions and enterprise needs.
  • Improving company communication, and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of employees.

Why choose Nomino?

We provide support and a wide range of services for organizations that want to create, expand or improve their computer networks through our team of experts.

We respond to the needs of enterprises that encounter frequent failures or low optimization of network infrastructure. We modernize local networks, ensure their correct expansion, guarantee the stability of data access and the security of network resources.

We implement a network monitoring system which, together with the support of our experts, reduces the chances of downtime to a minimum, and at the same time does not load the monitored systems and services.

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