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Cloud Services

Cloud services ensure speed, comfort and safety of use. By transferring data and services to network servers, we relieve local resources in the organization like employees hard drives space and allow them to easily exchange files. Choosing cloud solutions allow to increase the efficiency of operations using high-class network applications and services.

NextCloud file cloud

We are experienced in field of implementing and configure NextCloud file cloud solution for business. Company documents and files in the cloud are constantly monitored and updated in order to minimize the risk of data loss.

The company file cloud allow you to offload the local drives of employees personal computers, providing them with continuous access to free space in the cloud for the smooth operation of the entire organization.

We also provide support in the field of ongoing service and administration of the file cloud. The solutions we implement are distinguished by efficiency, safety and low failure rate.


Selected functions of NextCloud solution:

  • Access to shared files from any device and location.
  • External and internal file share.
  • Multiple users working on same, shared file.
  • Integration with mail system.
  • Large file upload.
  • Auto file synchronization.
  • AD/LDAP authentication.
  • addon for diagram drawing.

Microsoft 365 platform

We can implement the Microsoft 365 Platform to any organization, regardless of its size and structure. During a free consultation, we will select the suitable license package, that meets all user requirements, ensures satisfaction with use and improves the operation of the company.

Microsoft 365 is a subscription platform, which means that throughout the subscription period, users have access to the latest features and security updates. It provides work in a single, seamless, integrated environment for efficiency and effectiveness.

M365 platform is a perfect solution for improving remote work. Tools for online meetings and virtual events keep you in touch with colleagues, and OneDrive or SharePoint applications allow for quick and secure access to corporate documents and files.

Our team of experts will provide technical assistance as well as post-implementation support to the organization.


Selected features of M365 Platform


50GB mailbox capacity.

Synchronize all devices: cellphone, tablet, PC.

Additional functions: calendar, notes, tasks, address book.

Flexible and easy to use MS Outlook applications.

1TB storage capacity per user.

OneDrive app automatically synchronizing data from PC to cloud.

Internal and external file sharing.

Files backup on PC or cellphone.

Video conferencing, audio and chat.

Improving remote work with multi device installation.

Resource share like, notes, files, emails or tasks.

Screen share and remote control.

Build-in tools for creating internal portal with dedicated content.

Central base with all company documentation.

Internal file exchange platform.

Allow to work on same document for multiple users.

Improved work organization.

Full control over given tasks.

Project management center.

Improved data and information circulation in company.

Increased work comfort thanks to intuitive applications.

Time saving on basic office duties.

Multi-app synchronization.

Access to latest updated.
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