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Check MK – Advanced IT Monitoring

The foundation for the efficient and continuous functioning of the computer network is IT monitoring, which will provide an overview of all the necessary devices and systems operating in the company infrastructure. Stay ahead of downtime and make sure that organization is working continuously, with software that allows you to increase the efficiency and satisfaction of employees.

What is Check MK?

Flexible solution
Check MK is based on Open Source license. It is perfect fit for infrastructure of any size and complexity thanks to multiple plugins that enable expanding and modifying of system.
Network Topology
Check MK allow you to overview network topology in real time. It is collecting data about status, performance and workload of monitored devices, services and systems. Easy access to gathered data and system administration is provided by web control panel.
SNMP Devices
Monitoring of devices that use SNMP Protocol, allow to check status of routers, switches, firewalls, printers, UPS, or any other equipment that user SNMP Protocol to connect with network.

Monitor your network with Nomino:

  • Faster reaction on downtime by monitoring critical services and notifications with e-mail and Text messages.
  • Preview of whole network in real time, allow you to immidietley identify network performance problems, without manual devices examination.
  • Precise budget allocation thanks to historical performance analyst of equipment that will show you which units should be replaced or updated.

Implementing of the monitoring system ensures an almost immediate return on investment, by saving the time of IT specialists who will have an effective monitoring system at their disposal, are able to focus their attention on working on other projects and reduce the risk of downtime to a minimum.


Benefits from Check MK monitoring by Nomino

You gain complete insight into your IT infrastructure, no matter how complex it is! Our team, thanks to many years of experience, will select the most suitable solutions for your infrastructure. We will help to select the right equipment and integrate the Check MK system with other systems used in organization.

In result the management of the company will be more effective and the risk of downtime reduced to a minimum.
By entrusting Nomino with monitoring not only devices, but also networks, clouds services and applications, your company profit with operational stability and the prospect of faster development.

Thanks to the integration of the Check MK system in the company, we monitor everything that drives your business for the continuity and effectiveness of the company’s operation.


Selected Check MK functions

Check MK
Check MK integrates perfectly with any hardware, network, application or operating system.
Check MK
The system allows you to configure notifications and alarms in order to fully control the monitored loads.
Check MK
Graphical display of the network topology allows you to clearly control the environment of the monitored services.
Check MK
Quick access to the control panel through a web browser, allow easy access to all functions of the Check MK system.
Check MK
It provides the ability to track any number of different types of loads for centralization and convenience of use.
Check MK
The Check MK system allows you to define access for users compatible with Active Directory
Check MK
Thanks to the new system architecture, Check MK 2.0 uses up to 4 times less physical memory while maintaining the performance of the monitored devices
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    Main Dashboard

    Check MK system has many integrated widgets that combine into one dashboard for the convenience of monitoring for administrators.

    Monitoring menu


    In the monitoring menu you will find all the tools you need to effectively control all loads added to the system.

    Service problems


    The "Service problems" tab collects all information about monitored services that require administrator attention, assigning them appropriate statuses and indicating the current status of the service or device.

    Custom search


    By using the custom search filters you will quickly find information about the device or service you are interested in.

    Network topology


    The real-time view of the network topology allows you to quickly and accurately locate the site and cause of a failure without manually delving into the network performance problems.



    For the fastest possible reaction in the event of network or device failure, the Check MK system has a built-in notification system via E-mail or SMS.

    Performance history

    In Check MK system, we are able to check the history of each host operations, along with detailed information and the indicated time interval, which allows for a thorough analysis of network traffic and exporting information in the form of reports.

    Do you have more questions about Check MK? Would you like to implement system for your Business? Contact us!