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VoIP Services

VoIP technology is a very good alternative to traditional telephony, and when the VoIP system is correctly configured, it offers a number of useful functionalities. VoIP services, available in our offer, allow you to reduce call costs and improve communication in the enterprise.

What is VoIP?

The VoIP (Voice over IP) system is a digital telephony system that operates on the basis of a network infrastructure. In this technology, the signal is sent inside the network via Internet links or separate networks using IP protocols. As a result, the calls become much cheaper. Internet telephony users do not bear the costs associated with fees for operators. The restrictions related to international calls, the movement of employees between countries or the transfer of an office seat are also vanishing – none of these factors limit the possibility of making calls via Internet telephony.


VoIP management - what are the advantages for admins?

VoIP system management enables quick configuration changes and provides control over user devices. When using Internet telephony, you can easily assign a number to a specific person, change the number of a given employee, redirect or use call queuing.

As part of the VoIP system management, we offer solutions that significantly improve corporate communication. These are, among others: virtual switchboard, virtual fax, voice announcements, making conference calls, forwarding and queuing calls.


VoIP system - benefits for business

The main benefits of implementing VoIP technology:

  •  Lower operating costs of the enterprise (reduction of costs of both connections and maintenance of the company telephone system).
  • No obligations towards traditional telephony operators in the form of subscription fees and binding contracts.
  • Additional functionalities such as data or image transmission.
  • Access to billing on an ongoing basis, and more effective control of expenses.
  •  Greater security and privacy – no need to share data with mobile network operators.
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