Software development is a long and expensive process – we understand this perfectly, which is why we make every effort to make sure our results of  work meet your expectations.

Using our services you have full insight into the execution of your software at every stage of his creation. We prefer to work within an iterative and incremental methodology SCRUM, in which you pay for the time and resources actually consumed in the project. However, we also accept contracts with a fixed price.

  1. Needs analysis – The moment in which we have complete confidence in relation to your expectations, we are able to present our offer. Together we discuss technology, architecture, implementation plan and deadlines.
  2. Production software – When we have establish all the essential elements we can sign a contract and proceed to implementation. At this stage, we communicate regularly and present the results of our work – if necessary you can refine or change the concept, if the resulting effects work is not satisfactory.
  3. Acceptance testing UAT – We make sure that each delivered solution met all expectations on your part. At this stage, we decide whether the effect of our work meets your criteria and suited to implement.
  4. Implementation – Together we set the dates convenient for you and your company for training and implementation of new software in such a way that the operation was transparent as possible for the operation of your business.
  5. Maintenance and development – we maintain full support for your business after the implementation period – from support to users when they guarantee the correct functioning of the implemented software. We understand that the need for modification or extension of the software appear dynamically, so we try to make our processes of development and implementation of software to support the dynamics of your business and needs connected with it, as possible.
Nearshore Delivery Centers

  • We have experience in many industries
  • We specialize in the construction of systems of class B2B , MDM , ERP
  • We understand the needs of small and large – our solutions are suited to both small businesses and large corporations
  • We build teams based on their own staff and specialists who recruit for specific projects or clientsWe provide a comprehensive service from equipment selection , preparation of infrastructure through the design and implementation of software testing and post-implementation support

Testing and quality control

  • We test the software on each stage of his manufacture
  • We have a separate quality control department , which we can provide for the needs of your projects – appropriate experience of our specialists and specialized tools that we use within our quality control processes will allow you to quickly verify that you ordered the software meets your expectations
  • We perform regression testing , penetration testing , acceptance testing UAT
  • We prepare relevant test scenarios and test cases

Software development

  • We design software comprehensively from idea through programming, testing and maintenance . Programming is our passion – PHP , Java, JavaScript , Python , 4GL , Object Pascal , C # , ASP , Objective C , C ++ , C, PERL , T -SQL , PL / SQL , PL / pgSQL
  • We design and program database – MSSQL , PostgreSQL , MySQL / MariaDB , Oracle , MS ACCESS
  • We optimize the database for performance and data integrity
  • We assist in the migration of data between different systems

Design, implementation , integration API

  • Design and implement secure APIs – use SOAP , JSON – RPC , REST , OAUTH
  • We integrate the available APIs – Google , Facebook , Twitter , Amazon , etc. MailChimp .
  • Design and implement a dynamically scalable infrastructure based on Amazon AWS solutions – we make sure that your applications work efficiently and stably not depending on the number of users


  • Data security of your company is for us very important . We carry out regular penetration tests both software and infrastructure. Our programmers , testers and administrators strive to create solutions they were not susceptible to various attacks – OWASP Top Ten