Multidomain MDM (Master Data Management Multidomain) is a central base of reference of any domain eg. Products, customers, suppliers.

The use of MDM solutions gives companies the ability to manage, through the processing of key data in a consistent and reliable way. MDM ensures the identification of critical data in the enterprise through effective data management. Through a central electronic channel, you can easily search for all available information. Eliminating duplication of data through the use of electronic forms of files and verification of the correctness and completeness of the data allows flexibility, transparency and organize business processes. Accelerated changes in databases by automating approval processes, provides intensive development of the business sector of the company.

Data Modeling

  • Configuration of complex data models from the user interface
  • Consolidation of data from different sources
  • Integration with multiple systems
  • Attributes, dictionaries, hierarchies, relationships between data, images, technical documents – all available in one system.

Data Quality Control

  • Verification and validation of data based in the built-in advanced validation mechanisms at every level – creation of a data card from the user interface, import of data from the source files to create a data card using an API – the same business rules and validations configured in an easy and intuitive way from the user interface
  • Advanced rules and mechanisms for the detection and elimination of duplicates and to consolidate data cards
  • The rules of cleaning, modifying the data defined in the user interface


Maintenance and Data Distribution

  • Sharing data via the built-in APIs
  • Export data according to user-defined formats, CSV or XLS
  • Defining the Relations Between the data cards (Alternatives products, similar products, etc.)
  • Manage all elements of the card of attributes (characteristics and their types), data dictionaries, hierarchy, language versions, images, technical documents, etc.


Business Process Management and Workflow

  • Central data input interface with a configurable path of acceptance and verification of data based on defined user roles
  • Easy integration with external systems ERP, CRM, and the like using the built-in API

Data Management & Governance

  • Consistent data within each managed domain (product, customers, suppliers)
  • Version control and detailed logs of changes
  • Built-in approval process based on defined business rules


System Administration, Data Administration

  • Full control of the user interface – no need to hire IT specialists to operate the system. The interface allows for comprehensive management and monitoring of all available and running processes
  • Extensive system of allowances based on user roles allows you to precisely define the areas and operations permitted for a specific group of users


Digital Assets Management

  • Built repository of digital assets such as images / photos, technical documents, video materials – allows to use same resource multiple times for different purposes.
  • Image quality validation tool
  • Automatic resizing of images to predefined sizes
  • Categories, multilanguage versions