B2B e-commerce – Better solution for your clients, partners and suppliers.

B2B e-commerce is one of the fastest -growing area of trading online. Businesses are now trying more and more to realise their procurement processes and sales based on the Internet.
Business customers increasingly expect their suppliers access to the platforms of purchase or the possibility of direct integration via the available standard EDI (Electronic Document Interchange).

Nomino specialises in the design and implementation of systems of class B2B – both dedicated and integration of available solutions on the market. E-commerce provides opportunities for the exchange of services and products through the use of the Internet. E-commerce is based on the technologies, eg. Electronic cash flow, mobile commerce, supply process management, e-marketing, concluding transactions on-line, electronic exchange of data and their automatic collection (database) storage systems. The activities within the framework of e-commerce carried out by the World Wide Web or through the use of other technologies such as  E-mail.

B2B - e-shop

  • Integrated with internal business processes
  • Working with customers’ systems based on the standards OCI (SAP, Oracle) and cXML (Ariba) and others
  • Specialised tools for your customers such as enquires, multi-level approval processes, budgeting – all customisable via user interface

Procurement PunchOut - integration with ordering systems

PunchOut catalogues allow your company sales through currently available and popular shopping platforms. If your company will be able to respond quickly to the needs of the potential customer that is likely to be the preferred supplier in the future and significantly increase your sales.

Through  PunchOut catalogs, your offer and products will become available to your customers in the framework used by their trading desks. These directories allow shoppers made purchases online.

  • integration with the available purchasing platforms (Ariba, Sciquest, Coupa, SAP, Unimarket, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Punchout, Oracle Punchout, TBlox, Perfect Commerce, etc. ).
  • integration with customers via EDI standards

Full information is available in real-time mode

  • Individual prices and trading conditions available in real-time mode
  • Accurate stock levels accessible in real-time mode directly from your ERP system
  • Dedicated product ranges for customer or a specific employee of a customer


Optimized purchasing process

  • Quick order forms, import from a text file or copy/paste from clipboard
  • Shopping lists for fast repetition of the same order
  • Full Procurement history